List of Unt’s Works

Selection of Unt’s Works

Prelude for Organ in D major, Uw. 66

忆江南Uw. 71, art song
Watch on bilibili (sung by unt in Middle Tang Chinese)
Play (standard ver.)
Play (full ver.)

苏幕遮·燎沈香Uw. 23, art song
Watch on bilibili (sung by unt in Northern Song Chinese)

3 Isomorphic Piano Pieces, Uw. 46

  1. 缅怀 / Remembrance · Play
  2. 来自古代遗迹的舞 / Dance from Ancient Ruins · Play
  3. 困意 / Sleepiness · Play

Winged Dog, Uw. 25a, symphonic piece
Play (arr. for harp, Uw. 39)

Butter-Fly & brave heart
Butter-Fly & brave heart, “The Butter-heart” Uw. 55, orchestration of themes from Digimon Adventure (デジモンアドベンチャー)

Platinum Disco (白金ディスコ), Uw. 63, orchestration of an opening theme of Bakemonogatari (化物語)

Unt’s Works in Theater

“Ah, Heisenberg!”, Uw. 48 is a duet from The Quantum Phantom in 19-76 (as Act I: No. 4 The Greetings). The play was premiered by Class Jike 33, Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University on E5.31.

高三老师的一天组曲Uw. 32, a set of 3 variations on the song of Nankai Schools, is from the documentary film 高三老师的一天. The film was released in Senior Grade 3, Tianjin Nankai High School on C6.4.

List of Uw’s

Uw. (Unt’s Works) numbers are assigned to unt’s musical compositions by the composer herself. Alphabetic Year Numbering is used for dates after 2010. Some incomplete works and works of poor quality are omitted. Click on the hyperlinked Uw. number to play.

Uw. 1小小狗C major2002
Uw. 22002组曲
2002 Suite
2002~20035 pieces
Uw. 4思乡调
Yearn Home
D minor2004 or 2005
Uw. 4a思乡调
Yearn Home
D minorE9.5~10.9 (arr.)
Uw. 5金焦组曲
Jindok Suite
(2005~)20065 movements
Uw. 5/1 1、序曲C major2005 or 2006
Uw. 6F大调圆舞曲
Waltz in F major
F major2007 or 2008
Uw. 9于卖世界第一组曲
Yume Sekai Suite No. 1
2009~20103 pieces
Uw. 9/3a橙色的天空(弦乐合奏)
Orange Sky (for string ensemble)
B-flat major0'1.4 (melody)
D1.4 (arr.)
Uw. 9/3b橙色的天空(合唱与管风琴)
Orange Sky (for choir and organ)
B-flat majorD12.31~F2.3 (arr.)
Uw. 10于卖世界第二组曲
Yume Sekai Suite No. 2
0'3~54 pieces
Uw. 16新市之歌
Anthem of Phesoca
B majorA9.16~9.24 (melody)
B7.27~10.23 (arr.)
Uw. 18年少月光A majorA11.9~12.2 (melody)
B3.10~4.3 (arr.)
Uw. 20唯意引领新世界
Shall Synchronism Lead a New World
C majorA12 (melody)
Uw. 23苏幕遮·燎沈香B-flat majorB2.24 (melody)
E4.2~4.6 (arr.)
I8.6 (rec.)
Uw. 24腾飞新市B3.7 (melody)
Uw. 25a翔天翼犬
Winged Dog
C minorB5.6 (melody)
C4.27~7.18 (orch.)
Uw. 26失折离而观树叹A minorB4.11~4.13 (melody)
Uw. 27绯索卡广播协会开台音乐C majorB9.12~9.30
Uw. 29夕叶湖光B8.6~9.13 (melody)
Uw. 31小狗子降临人间C majorB11.24 (melody)
C5.14 (orch.)
Uw. 32高三老师的一天组曲——3首南开校歌变奏曲G majorC43 movements
Uw. 32/1 1、序曲:海棠入场G majorC4
Uw. 32/2 2、南开之晨G majorC4
Uw. 32/3 3、合唱G majorC4
Uw. 33新市之歌(管风琴版)C majorC7.3~7.8arr. of Uw. 16 for organ
Uw. 36春日的思念
G majorC7.21~7.25arr.
Uw. 37煦光A majorC10.2
Uw. 39翔天翼犬(竖琴版)
Winged Dog (arr. for harp)
C minorC?~12.6arr. of Uw. 25a for harp
Uw. 41水道吟D3.27~unfinished
Uw. 43梦世界
E-flat majorD5.16~9.14orch.
Uw. 44田间小路
A Path through the Fields
E majorD?~7.29
Uw. 463首同构钢琴小品
3 Isomorphic Piano Pieces
D9.7~F7.293 pieces
Uw. 46/1 1、缅怀
 1. Remembrance
C-sharp minorD9.7~10.14
Uw. 46/2 2、来自古代遗迹的舞
 2. Dance from Ancient Ruins
B-flat minor?~E12.9
Uw. 46/3 3、困意
 3. Sleepiness
Uw. 46/2a3首同构钢琴小品:2、来自古代遗迹的舞(管风琴版)
3 Isomorphic Piano Pieces: 2. Dance from Ancient Ruins (arr. for organ)
B-flat minorF?~3.9arr. of Uw. 46/2 for organ
Uw. 48啊,海森堡!
“Ah, Heisenberg!”
D majorE3.29~E4.18
Uw. 50
C majorF7~10.6
Uw. 51哆啦A梦片头曲
Opening Themes of Doraemon
F majorF8.7~8.9orch.
Uw. 52Themes from OverwatchA minorF11.8~11.9orch.
Uw. 53讶辖兜
Uw. 54语法和声下的Amazing GraceF11.30~F12
Uw. 55Butter-Fly & brave heart
Butter-Fly & brave heart, “The Butter-heart”
E-flat majorF12.16~G4.1orch.
Uw. 59上层精灵的挽歌
Lament of the Highborne
Uw. 63白金disco
Platinum Disco (白金ディスコ)
F major–
C major
Uw. 64喵哆LOGO曲
Theme of Meowdo
C majorG9.13~9.16
Uw. 66D大调管风琴前奏曲
Prelude for Organ in D major
D majorG11.5~11.6
Uw. 67OrangeE minorG9.23~9.24arr.
Uw. 68Zen no Theme (from Digimon Adventure) for organC majorH3.20~H4.17arr. of Uw. 55 (except)
Uw. 69雨中短诗两首·其一
2 Short Poems in the Rain, No. 1
E-flat majorH4.25~unfinished
Uw. 70相伴(长笛与长号短歌)
Together (Cavatina for Flute and Trombone)
A majorI1.26~I2.3
Uw. 71忆江南G majorI8.17~L5.16
Uw. 72晚期中古汉语三十六字母歌
36 Initials Song of the Late Middle Chinese
B-flat majorL7.27~7.29bilibili

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